Ten Mind Numbing Facts About Red Light Entertainment In Las Vegas

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Red Light Entertainment is one of the most disrespectful, exploitive endeavors in Las Vegas. This is not a secret, but it is becoming more and more common all across America and the world. Red light entertainment las vegas is legal, but the exploitation of children and young girls is not.

Ten Mind Numbing Facts About Red Light Entertainment In Las Vegas :

1. Child Exploitation

Red light entertainment is child exploitation. It is one of the most heinous, disgusting things that ever truly happened in Las Vegas. It is a reckless disregard for human life- the physical and emotional well-being of people that are under 18 years of age. These young girls are being forced to sell themselves into a life of fear, squalor and abuse- where they see no way out. Because if they try to run away from this life, then their only choice is death or slavery from those who would exploit them even more than they have already been exploited.

2. Who are the victims of this exploitation? 

These girls are being forced to sell themselves for sex… to the highest bidder. For some perspective, this means that these girls are being used over and over again until they no longer have any value. They are forced to participate in every aspect of this life- from the hard work at these “brothels” to the degrading treatment of customers and management alike. They receive nothing but abuse, punishment and verbal degradation when they don’t give what they are “supposed” to give. 

The girls are sometimes forced to take drugs, drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes as a “motivational” tool to get them to perform more. They have no rights, these girls have no voice, they are victims. Many of these girls are runaways from miserable home lives in the first place, who were seduced by the lure of a normal life and the allure of feeling loved and wanted. Little did they know that they were being set up… little did they know that their entire lives would be turned upside down.

3. Who runs this child exploitation ring? 

Red Light Entertainment is run by several high profile individuals here in Las Vegas- some with credentials in law enforcement and government. These individuals are part of a vast network of criminals, who consider themselves the elite. They revel in the power they have over these vulnerable young girls. They feel entitled to the money, the drinks and free nights at the best hotels in Las Vegas. 

These men are cold hearted predators who revel in their own sexual gratification at the expense of young girls’ lives- all for gain. Since most of it is filmed and videotaped, then this is all caught on film… again, showing how wrong and immoral these people really are.

4. Who can be hurt by this child exploitation? 

Anyone that comes into contact with Red Light Entertainment can be hurt by this child exploitation ring here in Las Vegas. They are being forced to sell their bodies- and have no say in the matter. They have been brainwashed to think this is normal. This is not normal.

5. Who has said something about this child exploitation? 

Michael Vick – Super Bowl 2007 <br>  The media jumped on every word that came out of Michael Vick’s mouth about his past and his new life when he started playing for the Atlanta Falcons… but Michael Vick did not talk about the abuse he went through as a child- when it was just a small part of his life. He didn’t seek help for this abuse after it had stopped, because he felt that no one would want him if they knew what had happened to him.

6. Who is Michael Vick? 

Michael Vick is a multi millionaire footballer and athlete who plays for the Atlanta Falcons. He participated in the infamous dog fighting ring that operated out of Virginia. He pleaded guilty to charges of dog fighting and was let out of prison after serving only 5 months of his 13 month sentence. His prison sentence was shortened because he agreed to cooperate with federal prosecutors as part of a plea bargain deal that was brokered with his original charges against him. This means, under strict terms, that he would be eligible for parole after spending 1/3rd his sentence behind bars and completing 50 hours per week community service afterwards as well- seeing to it that he did not fulfill the full sentences.

7. What is dog fighting? 

Dog fighting is where dogs are imprisoned in small cages and then forced to fight each other to the death. They are starved and beaten when they don’t obey their “owners”. They fight each other, until one dies or loses the will to fight back. The ones who lose usually die from severe injuries such as puncture wounds in the back, severed leg tendons and ligaments, broken bones, excessive bleeding or dehydration from being unable to eat during the fight. Some of them even die from organ failure because they have been fed poison through food and water bowls while being held captive. Dog fighting is not a sport; it is illegal in all 50 states. 

8. Why is dog fighting connected to child exploitation? 

Dog fighting is often connected with child exploitation because those that participate in it are usually sadistic people who enjoy seeing their victims suffer and fight for their lives. They see their victims as nothing more than animals, but their use of the children for dog fighting is not the same as animal abuse or cruelty. These children are being coerced into a life of sex, drugs and violence- if they want to stay alive. They are tortured and abused, but the victims of dog fighting are often more valuable than the dogs who fight each other for their lives.

9. Who is Angela Brown? 

Angela Brown is a human rights activist from Las Vegas, Nevada who writes about the abuse, sexual exploitation, and torture that she witnessed while growing up as a child prostitute in Las Vegas back in the 70s and 80s. She moved to Las Vegas back in 1998, hoping to find a good life for herself and her children, when she was approached by a man who told her that he could get her into the best “business” there was in Las Vegas. She soon discovered that this business was prostitution and child exploitation… a world where money is exchanged for sex acts with minors. This happened on the streets, at motels, casinos and hotels all over Las Vegas. 

10. What is the McCarran International Airport? 

The McCarran International Airport is a major hub of tourist destinations in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is used by millions of people each year, both tourists and those who are visiting friends and family here in Las Vegas. It is located just 4 miles from the strip- which makes it easy for tourists to get where they want to go quickly. Las Vegas has become one of the greatest tourist destinations in the United States because it offers more than gambling and nightlife… it also offers entertainment throughout all areas of Las Vegas. There are many shows that feature live music, dancing, acrobatics and stunt shows that visitors have no problem paying to see over and over again.

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