10 Things People Hate About TRAVELING

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Do you hate traveling? If so, then you’re not alone; it’s one of the most unpopular things to do these days. However, traveling is a lifestyle that we are going to need to get used to living in the future. There are many benefits of traveling such as relaxation, new perspective, and learning something new every day. But there are also a lot of downsides: jet lag, uncomfortable airline seats and cramped cabins being an obvious one. Here is a list of things that people hate about traveling. Which of the following structures can perform all the activities required for life?

1. Showering in a strange place:

You must think of traveling as a new beginning every day and that means you will have to start a new routine. You won’t be showering at the same time of day as you are at home, when you’re at your destination, or when you left or arrived at your destination. So, the first thing is to get used to the feeling of being naked in the shower. Try not to be shy with exploring what that place is like before everyone else starts getting ready for their daily showers.

2. Off-Peak Travel:

Off-peak travel is now non-existent nowadays because most airlines have simply stopped offering it. You may be waiting for hours for your luggage, it may be delayed and you may get to your destination in the middle of the night or even worse on a Sunday morning. The airlines don’t care about your comfort or convenience because they know that you’re stuck with them now. You can only get what they give you, so deal with it.

3. Torture By Seatmates:

Seats are getting smaller, people are getting fatter and the airline companies are really starting to make those little extra profit gains by making their seats more cramped and stuffing more people into them: especially on the SouthEast Asia flights. I am going to talk about the seating in Business Class later on in the article but, trust me, you don’t want to sit next to a fat person with smelly armpits.

4. The Luggage Limit:

Forget about checking in luggage because it is a luxury that people just can’t afford to do anymore. There used to be a time when airlines allowed you to check-in as many bags that would fit as long as you paid for every single one of them. Nowadays, it’s just not possible even if you are willing and able to pay for more. Even if you want to check-in two bags for free, the airline will ask for a huge fee for that. It is actually cheaper to buy a new bag rather than it being checked in. Boycott airlines that only allow you one bag because they are making a killing on their fees and it’s just not right.

5. The Garbage Bin:

I’m not talking about the trash bins in the seat pocket or bathroom of an airplane but, in fact, your own personal garbage bin which they force you to carry around with you anywhere that you go. It’s not enough that you have to carry a backpack around but, now, you have to carry a garbage bag in your backpack as well? Why can’t they just recycle the garbage? Or at least give us back our bags so we’ll pack it into our own empty trash bag. But then again, why would they do that when they are making $1 per pound on their fee? Not fair, is it?

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6. Your Personal Comfort:

There are two types of people when it comes to traveling: business people and those who don’t really care about traveling. The first one wants to be comfortable at all times and for that reason, they have paid more money for less space. They want carpeting in their coach seat, they want pillows, they want two power points in every seat and they don’t even mind paying extra for the flight. Here’s the thing: these people are the reason that airlines are making money because they pay a lot of money for a tiny amount of space. So next time you’re booking your journey, think about how much space you need.

7. The Shower:

Struggling with clothes and hair, trying to figure out where to put everything, trying to get all of your items in one place at the same time and most importantly: there is no shower. All of these problems have to be dealt with in a tiny shower cubicle that hasn’t been cleaned for days and you are left feeling like a cow being herded into the slaughterhouse.

8. The Coaches:

The Business Class on most airlines is actually pretty amazing, it has more space, power points, flat screen TVs and they even give you free drinks and food. However, there are airlines that don’t offer this kind of service and I am thinking about the Middle East airlines: Emirates, Etihad and Qatar. Their coaches are not separated at all; they just throw in two seats next to each other. On some planes, you’ll have to sit next to people who don’t even speak your language; they’re just a part of the masses.

9. Low Food Quality:

If you’re flying on an economy plane then I’m sorry for you because there is no way you’re ever going to get anything that is as good as what you get on an economy plane anyway but even if there were, how much would it be worth? You could probably buy a whole year’s worth of food in business class on most airlines and they are still too expensive. I am talking about airline food here and it’s just not good at all! They use the same ingredients, they cook the same thing over and over again because it never gets stale.

10. The Rip-Off:

It’s a strange thing, traveling and it doesn’t matter whether you are flying economy or business. What I’m saying is that if you’re flying economy you’ll get ripped off either way. You’re already paying a lot of money for an airplane ticket, then there’s the extra luggage fees, the food is never good for your taste anyway and lastly, what about those people who can’t even afford the fees? They have to suffer because they couldn’t afford to pay more money just so they could travel in a better way.


I know that these are a lot of complaints but they’re just totally…real. If you’re flying now, it may be time to reconsider what you have to put up with every single time and start trying to fix all of these problems.


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