Why Are Celebrities Obsessed With Ashleys Furniture Burbank?

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What is ashleys furniture burbank?

Ashleys Furniture Burbank is a furniture store and retailer that’s known for its luxurious designs and the fact that it caters to celebrities. They’re seen as a “go-to” for those with the means to purchase their high quality furniture.

Ashleys Furniture Burbank was founded in 1991, and has since grown to over 160 stores across the US. They are a family owned and operated company who takes pride in merging fine traditional craftsmanship with cutting edge design.

How did ashleys furniture burbank become so popular?

Celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Megan Fox, Brad Pitt, Kylie Jenner and more are obsessed with the West Hollywood landmark due to its celebrity-friendly customer service, luxurious furnishings and state-of-the-art design. As of 2017, over 4 million people have visited.

What is the history of ashleys furniture burbank?

David and Susan Nunis opened up the first Ashley Furniture store in 1976. The couple had previously been a manufacturer of school and commercial furniture, but began to focus on retail sales. They opened their first store in Madison, Wisconsin. By 1991, when the Burbank location was established, the company had grown to over 150 stores across America. Today, Ashley Furniture operates out of its headquarters in Arcadia, Wisconsin with over 1,000 employees.

What does ashleys furniture burbank sell?

Ashley Furniture sells a new line of furniture each week called “Last Chance. ” Products include formal tables, chairs and nightstands, with varying high-end woodwork and fabrics. Ashley Furniture also sells home accents such as lamps, mirrors, chandeliers and clocks. 

Their clientele is primarily wealthy clients. In fact, the company is so popular in Los Angeles that the Burbank flagship store has become a tourist attraction that’s been featured in many TV shows and Hollywood films. Celebrity fans of ashleys furniture burbank are mostly women who have a soft spot for the store’s effortless style.

What are the advantages?

The furniture is known for its quality and comfort. Some reviewers have reported their furniture holding up to 20 years with no damage. Customers are more than happy to shell out top dollar for this luxury, as the furniture is expected to last a lifetime. The store also has a friendly staff and a stellar return policy that lets you try out the furniture before purchase.

What are the disadvantages?

The store only offers in-store pickup and delivery, which may not be cost effective for some buyers. They do offer financing options depending on your credit score.

How do I get one of those things?

Ashley Furniture operates over 160 retail stores across the US. Its headquarters are located in Arcadia, Wisconsin. You can reach the company by calling (888) 265-8531 or visiting www.ashleysfurniture.com/home.

What makes ashleys furniture burbank different?

Ashley Furniture is known for its classic designs, high quality and customer service, which is why it has gained fame as a go-to stop for the rich and famous. It caters to Hollywood A-Listers who have all shown their love for the store’s luxurious quality and timeless designs on social media.

How does ashleys furniture burbank compare to ulta beauty?

Ulta Beauty is another locally based retailer that caters towards wealthy clients with fine taste in design products. They operate a number of stores in major metropolitan areas, allowing them to cater to their clientele in a convenient way. Their furniture, while very nice, may not be worth the cost. They also don’t seem to be available for delivery, which may cause issues with customers who don’t live close enough to visit.

How does ashleys furniture burbank compare to juilliard?

Juilliard is a world-renowned arts school that has attracted names such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Mel Brooks. It’s known for nurturing talent and pushing people beyond their boundaries by offering excellent education in music and dance from around the globe.

How does ashleys furniture burbank compare to the white house?

The White House is a historic site that’s been home to American presidents. It’s also known for being a frequent attraction for tourists who are fascinated with the rich history of America, as well as with its architecture and design. You’ll find many celebrities here, including Barack Obama and his family (who hope to live in the house after his presidency). 

However, you won’t find much in the way of fine furniture here, as this is more of a historic landmark than a fine furniture store. In fact it’s not even a store at all. Instead you’re going to find more traditional items like portraits and paintings.

How does ashleys furniture burbank compare to univision?

Univision is a Spanish network that offers 24 hour news coverage. For those who aren’t fluent in Spanish, it’s also known for its telenovelas and show business news. You’ll find famous celebrities here, including Shakira and Giselle Bündchen.

How does ashleys furniture burbank compare to red lobster?

Red Lobster is a seafood restaurant chain with multiple locations across the US. It uses traditional recipes for all of its dishes, which are made fresh, never frozen. The chain is known best for its Cheddar Bay biscuits.


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