​​10 Ways To Reinvent Your MOBILE PHONES


Mobile phones have become one of the must-have items in modern day society. They’re used for small tasks such as taking photos, or communicating with friends and family for free, but are also highly effective at big jobs like finding your way home, ordering a taxi or carrying out banking transactions.

These days mobile phones can do much more than simply make phone calls and text messages; they’ve begun to be utilized in all aspects of life, from business to leisure. Ironically this adds to the problem – because we use them so much more often now there is a higher chance of us misplacing them or having them stolen than there was before their ‘upgrade’. You can try iphone xs ashes of the singularity wallpapers.

Ten ways to reinvent your mobile phones are:

1. Get a second phone

It doesn’t matter if people think it is strange or unusual – the success of this tip depends entirely on how you use your phone. Perhaps you have a work mobile and a personal one. Maybe you keep your business phone in your locker, so that your personal phone is not accessible when at home and vice versa.

2. Use a secondary screen

You’ve played with iPhones, right? How about tablets? They’re becoming increasingly popular for communicating via text messages, viewing emails and browsing the internet, but there’s no doubt that we will soon be taking our tablets for granted as well as smartphones. At least now the options are unlimited!

3. Make a list of emergency contacts

We all find ourselves in awkward situations; it’s not always easy to make friends and talk to strangers, but with your mobile phone at hand you can call someone you trust in a heartbeat. Therefore, if you know that you are going to be entering an unfamiliar area or meeting lots of new people when out and about, keep your telephone number stored in the memory for instant use! Creating a Contacts file will help.

4. Keep an old phone for spare parts

There’s nothing more annoying than dropping your phone or having it stolen, only to realize that it wasn’t insured – leaving you with no way of contacting people or organizing yourself. This is why old mobiles should be kept as spares and resold if they are no longer of use to you. Similarly, keep your old phone numbers so that you can get in touch with old friends and family more easily.

5. Get a better battery

Phones may be getting prettier and smarter with each redesign, but their batteries aren’t improving at the same speed. Therefore, if your phone is always running out of charge before you want it to be, consider purchasing one that can last longer – whether it’s an additional battery or a charger!


6. Arm yourself with an external storage chip

Our phones hold significant amounts of data for us; from our favorite photos to our personal contacts list and messages from loved ones. It can be difficult to keep all this information on-board, but there are options out there for you. USB memory sticks can store your data and transfer it to a different phone, whilst SD cards can offer similar benefits – as long as you’re willing to buy a new card for every phone that you own.

7. Inspect smartphone cases

If you’re worried that your phone might become damaged by something other than the inevitable drop that we all experience, then look into purchasing a case for it. They cover basics like protecting the screen and keeping it free from scratches, but a few even feature handy knife-edge guards which help keep your phone safe when in a pocket or bag!

8. Get an insurance policy

This is one that needs no further explanation – it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you don’t have insurance then there’s a chance that you could lose your phone and data, yet if you do have it then all these problems are a thing of the past. Protect yourself from risk by purchasing or arranging for a mobile phone insurance policy.

9. Use social networking sites to get help

With the rise of Facebook and Twitter comes the opportunity to utilize technology for purposes other than communicating with friends and family. You may not have realized that there are functions on these sites that can help find your phone – even if it is out of range. Try posting a message using #find my phone or #mfus to locate your lost or stolen phone, or contact Facebook and Twitter through the Find My Phone app.

10. Set reminders for when you leave the house

This tip may seem obvious, but it is important to avoid forgetting about important events like meetings and appointments by setting a reminder on your mobile phone. Also, it has a number of uses that aren’t necessarily related to any given task; you can use your phone to keep track of your exercise regime or track household bills. And, lastly, if you just spend too much time thinking about your smartphone while out and about, then reconsider whether it is worth retaining.


Many things in life are constantly changing and evolving; this happens with smartphones too – perhaps the most successfully re-invented item on this list! The old saying “if it ain’t broke” is perfect for mobile phones – even if it does get broken from time to time.


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