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What is Lebron James Bdh?

Lebron James Bdh is a statistics website that tracks and analyzes every detail of every game Lebron James plays in. The site specializes in advanced basketball statistics, including PNR (player-plus-minus), RPM (real plus minus), and win shares to provide an objective overview of Lebron’s performance.

Who runs the site?

CJ Wilson, the founder and sole operator of Lebron James Bdh, created this website out of a love for basketball stats. He oversees all operations for the site, from content creation to coding. CJ is also currently finishing up his studies in computer science at Cornell University.

Why was this site created?

This site was created because of the lack of knowledge in advanced basketball statistics. By tracking every single detail, Lebron James Bdh aims to provide a unique perspective into Lebron’s game.

What are PNR, RPM, and Win Shares?

PNR stands for Player-Plus-Minus. This statistic calculates the difference between a player’s points and win shares when he is on the court, as opposed to his team’s points and win shares when he is off the court. A player with a positive PNR is considered an offensive threat, while a player with a negative PNR is considered more detrimental to his team than beneficial. RPM stands for Real Plus Minus . 

This statistic takes into account a player’s +/- per 100 possessions instead of per game. This eliminates statistical anomalies that occur when a player plays in short bursts (for example Lebron played for only 32 minutes in his game against the Indiana Pacers, so he would likely have an unusually high +/-). Win Shares measures the amount of wins an individual player contributes to his team. By comparing win shares on and off the court, we can measure how much of a team’s win is attributable to a single player.

Why does Lebron James Bdh only track Lebron James?

This site was created because of Lebron’s unique style of play and statistics that are useful in evaluating him. Lebron is the only player in the NBA with the skill set to create such a high quantity of statistics.

Features of this website:

1. This site is a statistical look into Lebron’s performances, providing an independent analysis that you won’t find anywhere else.

2. Because of the advanced statistics used, I often discover nuances in his game that are missed by more traditional measurements (for example, using RPM and PNR to show that Lebron helps Cleveland more against good teams than he hurts them against bad teams) .

3. I will post all my findings on this website so you can draw your own conclusions from my work instead of taking my word for it (e.g. example post ).

4. I frequently update the site with new posts (e.g. example post ).

How to use this website?

1. You can visit each game individually on the Game Log page or search for specific games using the search box in the right sidebar (for example you could search for a game that Lebron had 50+ points). Each game has multiple pages associated with it, including a summary page that shows basic stats and lists more advanced statistics by quarter, half, and possessions. Each quarter page shows PNR by quarter, RPM by quarter, and win shares by quarter . Each half page shows PNR by half, RPM by half, and win shares by half. The summary page shows the total PNR and RPM for the game by quarter and half (this can be helpful in quickly seeing how Lebron performed in any given quarter).

2. In addition to individual games, you can also browse all of Lebron’s games or any other player’s games. The Game Log page has a calendar of all current, upcoming, and completed games for the season that you can click on to go directly to those games instead of scrolling through them all.

3. If you want to get even more into the nitty-gritty details of Lebron’s game, check out each quarter on the Quarter Log page .


1. More information . This site offers more information than any other site on Lebron, allowing people to draw their own conclusions.

2. Independent stats . Statistics that are not found elsewhere, such as RPM and win shares , show us how Lebron’s game compares to the rest of the NBA and his performance over different time periods (e.g. quarter or half).

3. Dissecting his game . The technology of this website allows us to see into the specifics of basketball that many other statistical sites can’t (for example, a team’s PNR against good teams but not bad teams).

4. Completely free and everyone can use it . It is completely free for anybody to use. The site does require you to sign up for an account to comment on the site, but signing up for an account is free and only requires an email address and a password.

5. Consistent updates . This website gets updated on a near-daily basis depending on how much I have going on in real life.


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