Everything You Need to Know About when to Reclass Mozu

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The post will be about when to reclass mozu.

There is a time and a place for everything. For instance, there is a “right” time and a “wrong” time to do your taxes. 

And the same time applies for reclassing Mozu – don’t reclass until you have met all the requirements or it will make things worse! 

This blog post will go through what’s needed to be eligible, how many times it may be possible to reclass Mozu, and finally the benefits of doing so that aren’t just limited to being able to take on more jobs from clients.

When to Reclass Mozu :

1. The First and Second Times to Reclass Mozu

The first instance in which it is okay to reclass Mozu is when you are just starting out because as a new player, it’s important to do some Menial Work Jobs.

 These jobs will help you build up your bank account and also give you the chance to figure out what kinds of quests fit your style. 

Mozu is the primary front-line fighter class in MapleStory 2 and needs to build some power before better classes can even begin with their training.

The second instance in which it is okay to reclass Mozu is when you have finished accumulating your first set of costumes for each slot and are close to completing your second set. 

It will be necessary to collect the materials for your third set if you plan on making a serious investment into Maplestory 2 Mesos .

 Collecting costume parts is a time-consuming process, but necessary because some quests are only available once you have reached the required level.

2. The Third Time to Reclass Mozu

Once you have finished collecting all your costumes, then it’s okay to move onto reclassing. 

The simple reason is that there are more powerful classes like the Wizard and Thief and they can’t be classified under Mozu.

 The general rule of thumb is that if you haven’t completed quests for a class before, you shouldn’t reclass until after you have finished the quests.

3. The Fourth Time to Reclass Mozu

Once you have completed all the quests for your fourth set of costumes and leveled up enough for the next level, it is time to reclass again. 

Get your fifth set of costumes done as well since there are some quests which only become available at that level. 

Reclassing also follows the same pattern as is described in the previous section.

4. The Fifth Time to Reclass Mozu

This time is last and it’s here where reclassing comes into its own. You have a lot of costume sets available and you cannot be denied if you wish to invest more into Maplestory 2 Mesos .

 It is a great time to get yourself ready for the next stage in Maplestory 2’s storyline which will involve a much greater degree of power than anything so far.

5. Where to Reclass Mozu

There are two places you can reclass here: the entrance to Queenstown or El Nath. Talk to the Sprites which will allow you to reclass there and complete the quest required. 

Otherwise, visit the training area located from here. When you’re ready, speak to Instructor Ankle Bone who will guide you through it all. 

It is possible that some of your skills may be locked after class changing and this will also be revealed during your trek with Ankle Bone like Maplestory M Mesos stated earlier as well. 

So remember it when deciding whether or not you wish to purchase Maplestory 2 Mesos .

6. What Is Required When Reclassing Mozu

-Level 9 to Reclass

-To be able to reclass, you must first complete all of your main quests. This does not mean all the quests for your main class. 

It means the ones which you have available for that class. 

If you have completed a quest which requires level 10, and then you wish to reclass, then you will need to go back and complete the quest level 10 with your newly obtained level until you can’t do it any more.

Once done, it will be possible to choose either a different job or switch back to Mozu. Either that or just continue as normal.

-A Skill Book Must be Used

Skill books are just what they sound like – skill books you can use once per character. The formula is as follows : a Skill Book x3 + Potential Stamps x3 = 1x Reclass. 

Skill books can be purchased from the cash shop or earned through Sudden Missions. 

Also, if you have any unopened skill books in your inventory or mailbox, they will automatically be consumed upon using the first Reclass provided that this is done before reaching level 60 throughout Maplestory 2 Mesos .

For the first time Reclass, it is a requirement that you have a skill book. Once you have reclassified one time, then you will only need to have 1x Potential Stamp if you wish to change your job again.


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