Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Technology but Were Afraid to Ask

We get it. Sometimes technology can be intimidating. One way to get around that fear of the unknown is to learn about it, starting with this list of the best tech blogs on the internet!

These up-to-date websites cover everything from analyzing AI algorithms to reviewing new applications for your phone at a pace that’s easy enough for beginners but also interesting for tech geeks. And the best part? They’re all free! So there are no excuses not to get smart about your gadgets right now.Orzare

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Technology but Were Afraid to Ask :

1. The Verge

Written by some of the most knowledgeable tech experts in the business and updated daily with breaking news from both the industry and individual companies, The Verge is a great intro to all things internet-focused. 

This site is also great for anyone that wants to stay up-to-date on the newest apps, movies and TV shows, or just wants a new perspective on some of the biggest issues in technology today.

2. Wired

Most often referred to as “the magazine for the digital age,” Wired has been around since 1993. Today, it’s one of the go-to sources for tech news about industries like AI, robotics, blockchain and virtual reality as well as more general topics like hacking and bad passwords. But Wired isn’t all serious – the site also covers quite a bit of lighthearted stuff as well.

3. The Official Apple Blog

The Apple Blog doesn’t focus exclusively on the latest news coming out of Cupertino, California’s tech giant. Instead, this blog explores everything from new hardware and software to interesting stories about the people behind it all as well as original articles about a wide range of topics including business, art, culture and more.

 It’s also a great resource for other tech savvy folks hoping to get in-depth information about Apple’s latest offerings like its more affordable but still stylish iPhone Xs line.

4. Lifehacker

If you’re looking for something a little more lighthearted and focused on the latest news about your favorite tech gadgets, Lifehacker is just the site for you. This blog’s mission is “to make life easier for those who use technology,” so it’s a great resource for anyone that needs advice on how to do all the cool things their phone or laptop can do. 

Just remember that even though Lifehacker covers all sorts of topics, this site doesn’t always stay up to date, so don’t expect articles that are brand new when you visit.

5. The Sun’s tech blog

This site covers a lot of different topics, ranging from the tech industry, like new updates for playing games on your phone or how to get the most speed out of your Wi-Fi connection, to stories about social media like how to stay safe on Instagram and what to do when you think you’ve found a fake profile.

 And if you’re looking for information about Apple products or other things from Cupertino, this site’s got it.

6. All Things Digital DC

Another great technology blog that gets updated regularly is All Things Digital DC. This site is all about news about the tech industry here in the D.C. area and is updated daily with information on what’s new in the business world, from new technologies to the latest changes in the federal government.

7. The Next Web

The Next Web covers a lot of different topics that revolve around tech innovations, like high-tech inventions and new advances in robotics, artificial intelligence and virtual reality. They also have stories that even more general readers can appreciate like “facts you didn’t know about your phone” or “how to get free things.” It’s a great blog for those looking for something a little more lighthearted than other tech blogs on this list.

8. BetaNews

BetaNews is another tech blog that doles out a little bit of everything, covering topics ranging from the latest news coming out of Apple to advances in technology and new products. The site also has some pretty interesting articles like “The truth behind you shouldn’t overuse emojis” or “why the iPhone XS is so good.” While this blog does update regularly, it’s not always up to date, so make sure you check for new articles when you visit.

9. The Verge Video

If you’re looking for something fun and entertaining about tech innovations and advancements made by companies like Apple, Samsung and Google, this site is just what you need. The Verge Video covers all of the latest new tech products and innovations, like Samsung’s latest phones and Google’s new line of Chromebooks. 

This site also has some great videos about gadgets, like their review of “The Apple Watch Series 2 smartwatch,” or “How to get a free phone from AT&T.”

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