Why Public Education Is The Cornerstone Of Our Democracy

Public education is considered essential by many because it provides equality of opportunity regardless of race, sex, ethnicity or socio-economic status. 

Educators are charged with developing children’s potential through knowledge and understanding. Here at https://websitesetuper.com/ has some more information about why public education is the cornerstone of our democracy.

Public schools are responsible for teaching students not only how to read, write and do math but also inculcating them with values like citizenship and responsibility to others. 

Young people who have learned these things are far less likely to become criminals or substance abusers as they grow up because they have learned self-control over their impulses. We have evidence-based practices today that are helping students learn in ways they never have before.

But with all the great things public education does for our country, it is also under siege. Public schools are being defunded with no viable alternative in place to compensate for the loss of funds. 

Class sizes are increasing, teaching positions are being cut and school programs like physical education and arts and music programs are often reduced or eliminated. 

In addition to all this, teachers’ jobs continue to be targeted. The result is that public schools are not doing the job they are supposed to do.

Education has always been at the forefront of our democracy since the first school was introduced by Noah and his family, we’ve used education as a tool to educate and allow individuals to be lifelong learners and productive members of society. 

But what is it about public educational institutions that make them such a crucial cog in our democratic system?

Here are some thoughts on why public education is important:

1) Education gives people access to the same opportunities. 

Without public schools, people wouldn’t be able to learn any skills they need for survival let alone prepare for job opportunities. 

The fact that some people have had more opportunities to learn than others is not a right, it’s a privilege. Without public education, some people would be illiterate and unable to function as a citizen.

2) Education develops our future leaders. 

Our nation’s future officials are well educated here in the United States (yay!), but what is often overlooked is that they are often educated because of public schools. 

Many of the leaders in our country today attended public schools because they were forced to by their parents, but they also learned leadership skills through volunteering in their classrooms or becoming involved in school activities.

3) Education reduces crime. 

A study from the University of Washington found that a person’s income level is often determined by their level of education. In fact, individuals that were in prison for sex offenses either dropped out of high school or graduated but didn’t continue to participate in higher education after graduating from high school. 

If the public school system wasn’t available to this population, they might have turned to a life of crime as a way to survive and possibly would have been incarcerated rather than studying at a university.

4) Education promotes freedom of speech and freedom of religion. 

Did you know that by law, public schools can’t censor or prohibit students from talking about God, their political orientations, cultural backgrounds, etc. Also, according to the First Amendment, individual school boards can’t ban books from being read in class because they might disagree with the content. 

If we didn’t have public schooling to protect these rights and freedoms that we take for granted today, then all of these things would be censored and we wouldn’t be able to practice our religious freedoms as we do now.

5) Public education saves our tax dollars. 

First of all, because public schools are free to citizens, it saves each citizen thousands of dollars per year. Also, the cost of education is so large that it would take millions of dollars from our tax revenue to create another school system.

6) Public education keeps us from being a divided country.

What if we had a school system like Russia or China (at one point, Russia had publicly owned schools and China had a communist school system)? Then all of the children in those countries would be educated on communism and its principles. 

Without public schools, we could see all of the kids who grow up in America becoming completely different from those who come here as adults or those who are born into other countries. 

Public schools work to maintain the status quo of our democratic society and that means all of our children will grow up with similar values and keep America as one whole country rather than it being two separate entities.

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