High Converting Macro Business Models from Top Entrepreneurs

If you are looking to start or grow your own online business, this article is for you.

We will take a look at high converting macro business models from top entrepreneurs. These are online businesses that have created multiple products over time to capitalize on various different niches. 

From there, they have gone on to also create information products, workbooks, coaching programs and more through their online course creation website which has helped them accelerate their habit of creating great content and increasing the size of their email lists significantly thanks to the quality of content.

The goal is to create a sustainable online business that will last for many years. 

This is why I want you to start creating great content today in order to build your audience and also an email list of potential customers for when you are ready to launch your own products. Clean ERSJ has some more information about high converting macro business models from top entrepreneurs.

How do you create that? Well, knowing how these entrepreneurs have built their businesses can give us insight into how we can replicate the same success. 

We will look at the top business models that seem to be working today in order to help you figure out what type of online business model would fit best with your abilities and interests.

6 Proven Online Business Models That Get Customers Fast

The 5 Macro Online Business Models:

1. The Software as a Service (SaaS) Business Model

If you are looking to create a software as a service then the first thing that you need is an idea for what type of software it will be and who your audience is. One of the most popular software as a service businesses on the internet today is Dropbox. If you don’t know what Dropbox is, visit their website and check it out for yourself – if anyone tells you that they don’t use Dropbox anymore, they are lying to you.

Dropbox is a cloud storage service that enables users to send large amounts of data from one device to another with one click. 

There are no limits on how long it can be used for, you have complete control over who has access to your files and everything is automatically backed up. 

Dropbox provides you with complete peace of mind knowing that even if something were to happen to your drive, their tech team will be able to recover any lost data instantly.

2. The Consultants Business Model

Why is this type of business model still working? Well, there are many different types of consultants out there. Some of them are highly experienced but don’t know how to market themselves. Others are just starting out and don’t know what they are doing. 

The key is to find someone who knows what they are doing and has a background in marketing their name.

They will need to do some marketing for you as well as create some content along the way so that they can create your brand without necessarily creating the actual products for you. 

You will need to find someone who is ready and able to take on a new client and get started right away.

3. Affiliate Marketing

If you know how affiliate marketing works, then this type of business model might be right up your alley. It is very similar to the software as a service business model except that you are creating content instead of software. 

There are various ways to market your products and services, but one of the most popular methods is affiliate marketing. If you have ever heard of ClickBank, it is because ClickBank has produced an army of affiliates that have been making money throughout the years by selling digital products and in what I consider to be a high converting marketing method.

The only caveat with affiliate marketing is that you have to be able to create content on a regular basis. 

There are many different types of products and services available for sale these days, but the best way is to look at what your niche is and find out what people are looking for in that niche then build an informational product that they will be interested in receiving over email.

4. Blogging as a Business Model

If you have been wanting to start your own blog from the beginning, then this might be the right idea for you. Blogging is a great marketing medium for promoting your products or services in that you can build up an audience over time. However, there are many different types of people that are looking for different types of blogs nowadays.

You can find out what type of blog is right for you by creating multiple articles on various topics related to your career or hobby. You will need to make sure that you are creating content consistently in order to get the most out of it. This is why it is important to know what you are looking at when starting out.

5. Membership Selling

This isn’t really a business model in itself but it is a way that you can set up your business in order to sell what you are creating. This is when you are creating content that has very specific types of information that people are looking for. 

The only way to get your message out there to the masses is to sell them the ability to receive it. It doesn’t matter if they purchase it, because they will get it anyway through email anyways.

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