The 10 Commandments of Creating Effective Content

Online content is not a gimmick. It’s hard enough to create something that people want to read or listen to, but for online content to be successful it needs to be engaging, personal and most importantly “shared” across all social media platforms.

This post will share practical tips on how you can make your content more effective by giving it a unique voice and varied content style. 

It will also include simple techniques for hooking your audience from the very beginning of your article or podcast episode. Here at has some more commandments of creating effective content.

If you want your content to be read, shared, and taken seriously, it needs to have these 10 commandments. Content without these commandments are doomed to fail. You can’t optimize for Google or optimize for social media if you haven’t optimized for the reader first. Finally, if you’re not breaking some of this advice then don’t expect it to go viral; create content people love and you’ll reap the rewards.

In order for you to create great content, you have to understand what makes a piece of content great. Most people don’t consider the reader when they create a piece of content so they can be taken seriously and cause a stir with their audience. 

After all, if no one reads your blog post or tweets out your tweet then who cares? You wouldn’t be able to market yourself or benefit from being found on such platforms such as Google or Facebook.

Here are 10 commandments of creating effective content.

10 Commandments to Create Compelling Content

1. Great Content is Rewarded by Readers

The most important element in creating great content is to make sure that you are writing for the reader, not for yourself or for your brand name. You need to know what the reader wants out of your piece of content, whether it’s a blog post, tweet, Facebook post or even a video. 

If you don’t write for your readers then how will they take you seriously? Your content has to be visual and interactive in order to be taken seriously by readers. If you give them nothing but dead-end information they’ll turn off and just seek something better.

2. Great Content Brings to the Table Something New

The only way your content will be considered great is if it brings something new to the table. This can come in a variety of forms, whether it’s a perspective, an experience, an opinion or a story to tell. Don’t just share what everyone else likes to share – break out and give them something that they have never seen before.

3. Great Content is Read by More Than Your Friends and Family

One way you can tell if your content is bad or great is if it gets no comments from people besides the family and friends who already know what you have already said. Let’s say you have a friend who loves your content and tells you everything you say is great. Instead of taking it in the face, focus on finding a way to take it to a personal level. 

It can be small stuff like saying, “I read your article and I really liked it,” to something else if they have something to add. This will help establish more of a personal relationship with your audience so they know that you care about their opinion.

4. Great Content is Concise

Because of the three commandments before this one, conciseness is one of the most important things when creating content for the reader. You won’t want to make your readers work hard to make sense of your content, which can ultimately cause them to give up and leave. 

If you’re trying to create a relationship with the reader, then don’t just ramble on and on and expect that they’ll keep reading. Your first paragraph should be clear and concise so that the reader understands exactly what you’re aiming for.

5. Great Content is Visual & Interactive

Visual content can be anything from an image down to a relevant meme. If your post cannot be visualized in some way or another then it will not get as much attention as it should because everything these days is visual – via social media, Google, etc.

6. Great Content is Interesting

People want to share content that they find interesting, because it will generate buzz and get them more shares. If you have nothing to say about your content then go get a coffee until you have something worth sharing. Find an interesting angle whether it’s in your field, in your lifestyle or in your personal life. 

Or even if it’s in the news. If you’ve got something worth sharing then make sure that the reader knows that they’re going to get something out of this post or video that they won’t be able to find anywhere else.

7. Great Content is Unique

Originality is the difference between good content and great content. You want to be original so if audience members find out that they’ve read something just like it somewhere else, then you’re going to have a hard time building a following. 

It’s important to be able to create your own style, your own spin on things, and your own take on the situation you’re covering. If it’s something that people have heard before or seen before then they won’t even take notice and will ignore it as bad or average content, leaving you with nothing but a few shares and no viewers or readers.

8. Great Content is Accessible

Having content that is easy to read, accessible and understandable is what makes it great. You don’t want to have to reread something five times just to understand what you’re reading. 

Most of your readers are not going to do this because there are so many other things competing for their time, so if they have to spend time figuring out your content then why should they invest in it?

9. Great Content is Original

Don’t steal someone else’s work without giving them credit for it. If you are going to use or borrow material from another author make sure that it’s original and not taken word for word from any source available on the internet. 

This can result in a copyright violation and you may be blocked from being able to access any of your content.

10. Great Content Doesn’t Come Cheap – Invest Time and Effort

The last thing to keep in mind when it comes down to creating great content is that it doesn’t come cheap – you have to invest time and effort into making your content as great as possible. You have to work hard at coming up with the right words, images, ideas and interactions that will make your article come alive. If you don’t put in time then it’s not going to matter what the topic is because there won’t be anything behind it.

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