Three steps of using construction loans for your new business venture

business venture

If you’re opening a new business in the world and you need to complete a house renovation, consider using this private funding method to help you complete your home vision! 

Basic steps of using construction loans for your business

When it comes to applying for and using construction loans, there is a process that needs to be followed so you can get the loan approved and begin working away! By following these steps, you can increase the likelihood that you will be approved and have the loan there to help you finance your real estate project. Click here to see more options of construction loans for you.

Pre-approving your mortgage

The first step of applying for construction loans for your business is to pre-approve your mortgage. The finance package that you are applying for will typically include the interim construction loan that helps pay for your immediate projects, whereas the permanent loan will apply to your project after you have finished the renovations on the home. 

During this step, the lender will determine how much they are willing to give you for your project. You will typically have to provide your tax information, pay stubs and current income levels, tax returns, and recent investment statements showing the letter that you are reputable and trustworthy. 

Choosing your contractor

The second step of earning construction loans is choosing your contract and getting ready to start your project. Make sure you choose a trusted professional builder who can know exactly what you want and work with your vision. The next step is to prepare the building site and the floor plans for your space. During this step, you will have to prepare the site, remove other buildings on the property, and generate an appraisal for your home project.

Choose your interim loan

The next step in getting construction loans for your businesses is to choose your interim construction loan – this is the money that you will leave at the beginning to finance the beginning of your project. When it is time to finally choose the type of construction loan that you want, you will typically have to go over paperwork, mortgage, and other information. 

Get rid of any outstanding balances

The next step when it comes to construction loans is getting rid of any outstanding balances. If you have any money that is allowed, you might find that your approved lending limit is much lower than it should be. 

Choose your permanent mortgage

The last step of construction alone is to figure out the amount you want for your permanent mortgage – this is the amount that you will get from your lender after the housing job is incomplete. You will typically lock in this rate between 30 and 60 days before the finalized date of your project. You will typically choose the amount based on how much you and the lender think the house is worth and how much work you did on the project.


If you are confused about how to use construction loans for your business, check out our simple process. Make sure you follow these steps when getting funding for your housing project so you can stay out of debt and fund your business venture. Ensure you choose a smart contractor, finalize your building site and floor plans, choose an interim amount of money, and finalize your permanent mortgage with your lender. 


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