Get Out of Your Head – The Guide to Liberate Yourself From Negative Thinking

Get Out of Your Head by Jennie Allen talks about negative thoughts and negativity and how to deal with the same. Negative thoughts are a common ailment that plagues everyone in society. It is a chain that can consume our minds and lead to depression. However, as suggested by the author, there is a way out. Jennie Allen says that leaving our lives in the hands of the Almighty Father can help us escape this vortex of negativity.

If you wish to pursue this path and escape your negative thoughts, you can delve into the book summary and the audiobook summary available on the RollingSlate website.

Negative thoughts are our product

Negative thoughts are our creation and we cannot escape from them. Misfortunes happen to everyone and these can feed our negativity. If we continue to feed our negative emotions with dark thoughts, it will spiral out of control. 

However, Get Out of Your Head suggests that there is a way out. All we need to do is to choose to pay heed to our positive thoughts and focus our minds on positive happenings. Moreover, we need to have faith in God to help pull us out of this vortex. In this way, we can escape the negative chain of emotions.

The power of Silence

The author states that getting distracted is easy and our idea of positivity might be about involving ourselves with friends and constructive work. While they do have their contribution to our lives, silence and stillness can help us do the trick.

Get Out of Your Head states that scientific proof suggests that silence can have positive effects on our life. Prayer and meditation are various forms of maintaining silence and their benefits have been acknowledged by all. This is a wonderful time to reconnect with God and build a stronger faith in Him. While it can be a frightening experience initially, it does help us self-retrospect and collect our thoughts. We can focus on our problems and instead of dwelling on it, can try to find out a solution to them. This will add positivity to our lives by breaking the negative cycle.

Building relations with people

While silence and self-introspection are necessary for our life, friends, and family are also equally important. While freedom of the self and self-goals are important, men are social animals and cannot survive without his/her companions and friends.

As such, the author suggests making acquaintances and building relations with like-minded people. While it may be difficult to open up to them and we might feel uncomfortable, the comfort that can be provided by a friend can be soothing for our mind. The author also advises us to stay open to new experiences and listen to people and tell them our stories. This helps in building a relationship of trust with our companions. This will also help us speak out our thoughts and use their help and advice to allay our negative thoughts and feelings.

Faith in God

To combat negativity, the author suggests dealing with your thoughts while keeping faith that God will remove those thoughts and fill us with positive energy. We could jot down those negative thoughts and question ourselves if they are worth lingering on. We need to embrace them and then, let go. This will help us move forward.

We can build our trust in God by revelling in His creation and admiring the beauty and thought put into the intricacies of every one of His creations. This will also help us realize His love for us and all things around us. This, the author suggests, will help us draw attention from ourselves and focus more on the world around us. This will make us more generous and open our eyes o all the positive things that dwell outside of us.

The best solution, as provided by Getting Out of Your Head, is to look for the Almighty and seek His help. Because God will never fail His children.

Gratitude and humility

These are two of the most pious of human virtues. Being grateful will open our heart to positive emotions. If we are thankful to God, we will be able to find the silver lining in the clouds even in the most drastic of situations. This will prevent us from wallowing in negativity and self-pity.

Gratitude also teaches us humility. 

Get Out of Your Head provides numerous pointers on conquering our negativity with the help of God, and this can be found in the book summary and free audiobook summary on the RollingSlate website. Thus, this book is an excellent go-to if you wish to cure your negativity.

While we might not agree to God’s plans for us, we have to accept it because unbeknownst to us, there are greater things at play and we all have our purposes to serve. This will help us stay calm and breakthrough our negativity.

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