Find Out When It’s Time To Replace An Asphalt Shingle Roof?

Is your roof shot and in need of a replacement? Would you know if you did? In many situations, the signs can be pretty glaring, but other times they won’t be. A sturdy roof above your head is undeniable if you’ve become used to having a warm, cozy, and leak-free home. Here’s how to find and deal with potential problems before they become big ones.
Right off the bat, on your journey to understand roofing, you’ve more than likely crossed the” 20″ year rule for a roof’s lifespan. That figure is used as a benchmark. The majority of residential roofs need a replacement during that timeframe. But, there are quite a few variables to consider, and not any roof is the same.

Your roof takes a substantial amount of external wear and tear throughout each passing year. Strong sunlight, strong winds, debris, wildlife, hurricanes, rain, or dangerous weather conditions – all of these have a direct correlation with a roof’s lifetime. How quickly your roof needs to be replaced depends on several factors:

Yearly maintenance and care.
How old the materials are.
Quality of the materials.
How well it was installed in the first place.
Were repairs addressed when needed?
Keeping pests and rodents away.
External debris build-up.

You Have An Old Roof

Typically an asphalt shingle roof has a lifespan of about 12 to 15 years. Metal or tile roofs tend to have a much longer lifespan. If your roof is approaching its typical replacement age, you should probably start thinking about your next roof. If other roof repairs were placed over the top of your pre-existing roof – a practice referred to as overlaying – you should definitely be thinking about a roof replacement. Overlaying is a patch job that can mask bigger roofing issues underneath the shingle surface.

Start By Inspecting Your Roof From the Inside Out

Once you have begun to brainstorm the idea of investing in a new roof, start by conducting your own research at home by examining your roof’s condition from the inside out. Take a flashlight with you to your attic or to the area in your house where the interior of your roof is clearly visible and look for the following indicators to a more serious issue:

Rays of Light: Light beams are indicators of roofs that require replacements or repairs. To really scope out the situation, examine the interior of your roof during the day to find and identify any light beams.

Leaks: Examine the attic for drips and potential leaks. Anytime a roof gets a leak, other areas of your house and its foundation are put at risk, especially if you decide not to repair the roofing problem as quickly as possible. Water dampness can lead to further rot and mold growth that can contribute to breathing and other health consequences.

Streaks and Stains: Take note of all of the interior of your attic and try to pinpoint potential spots, stains, and streaking. Inspect any oddly colored area of your roof for additional information on its cause and potential leak culprit. Stains and streaks located in the interior of your attic are red flags to a deeper and more severe problem involving your roof’s durability.

Missing, Loose, Or Cracked Shingles

Inspecting your roof’s shingles is another recommendation to iron out whether or not your roof requires further attention or a possible roof replacement entirely. While checking out the exterior shingles on your home’s roof, be sure to look for any cracks, dilapidated shingles, or shingles that have curled or bent upwards.

Shingles that are curled, broken, or misshapen may require a deeper examination to identify whether or not they can be replaced one by one or if the wiser choice is investing in an entirely new roof.

Locating tiny granules throughout your roof or building up in your gutter may also indicate that it is time for a complete and thorough roof replacement. Excessive shingle granule loss is a surefire sign that the roof’s condition is not where it ought to be to provide maximum durability and insulation for your home.

Excessive Growths On Your Roof

Dark spots (or generally dirty-looking shingles) are caused by fungus and algae growth. These may not be directly tied to how often you have to replace your roof (or get it repaired), but this growth can spread out and cause unnecessary harm to other sections of the roof.

Have you seen moss or other types of nature growing on top or out of your roof? Don’t panic. The natural world tends to grow over any man-made building in its path if it is not adequately looked after and maintained.

When inspecting your roof and the fungus you have noticed, be sure to do so by examining both the inside and outside of your roof. While most plant growths are likely to be seen from the outside of your roof, when there’s a bigger issue at-hand, nature could also be thriving on its own inside the attic, with you having zero clue.

In most cases, treating natural growths from a roof is a way to quickly remedy the issue without further investments or repairs. But, if you notice substantial growths on your roof or even inside your home, the recommendation is to call a professional to identify the root cause and reason for the growths.

If the roof is just totally overgrown, then the sensible plan would be to get a new roof; this mostly happens to roofs unattended for long stretches.

The good news is, natural growth and accumulation is not normally an indicator that you must fix or replace your roof. Rather, algae are more of just an eyesore to your roof and one that is quite common in humid areas like Florida.

In the event your roof is indeed needing a full roof replacement, there then becomes several decisions in the near future. Beginning with the roofing material to use, will you stick with asphalt or consider metal? Which roofing company to work with? If, by chance, there’s a valid insurance claim. Many homeowners having access to the money to get a roof replacement may not be viable; there are roof replacement companies in St Petersburg financing accessible for homeowners offered by many roofing contractors. Ensure to do proper research before choosing a roofing company. 

Cameron James Connor
He has worked with various business magazines like Business Today Outlook as a freelancer before joining the team. She is an addicted reader of self-help books, fiction, and journals.

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