Seedbox or VPN: Which one is a better choice for Torrenting & Why?

Relentless torrenting needs to check a number of things from a list. Fast and stable speed, ease to download and seed files, ensuring security and privacy, all these things combined gives the users the satisfaction of smooth torrenting experience. Of course, you cannot get such experience from your home network connectivity.

You need special something to carry out fine torrenting experience. Over the years, there has been ongoing debate on which one is better for torrenting – Seedbox or a VPN. One is a remote hosting server while the other is a virtual private network.

Below we have listed out the services they offer to the users and how they can be helpful in the overall task of torrenting. Continue to read till the end to find out which one is a better choice for torrenting.


As mentioned earlier, a seedbox is a remote hosting server designed solely for the purpose of seeding and downloading torrent files. A seedbox user gets high data rates that makes them capable of becoming a powerful member in the file-sharing private community.

With the use of a seedbox, a user could download and seed files outside from their home network. Your torrent activities remain completely hidden giving you the power of using torrents in full anonymity.

Pros of using Seedbox

Using a seedbox could be compelling for a user for the following pro features it offers –

·          The speed of a seedbox often ranges from 1 GB to 10 GBPS based on the hosting plan and seedbox provider you choose. Even the cheapest seedbox provides users with impressive speed, hence, enabling rapid downloads and seeding of torrent files.

·          Trackers that are trying to track your IP will only be able to pick your server’s IP and not your home IP address.

·          Seedboxes comes along with PLEX media server that enable users to stream media files right from your server to literally any connection and device of the user’s choice.

·          The local download process becomes simpler and faster as some advanced services offer the users with protocols such as FTP to improve security.

·          It offers storage space to keep your downloaded files for as long as your want.

Cons of using Seedbox

While they are made for the sole purpose of torrenting, they indeed come along with certain downsides.

·          Since the downloaded files are saved remotely, the user is required to download them twice. Firstly, to the server itself and then to the device. This may pose as an inconvenience for some users.

·          Prices usually go up if the user chooses for an extensive storage and bandwidth.

·          Seeboxes do not encrypt the user’s traffic, hence, making them more exposed.

·          Some of the servers don’t allow file sharing option from the public trackers.


Although not made solely for the purpose of torrenting, VPN can be termed to be a versatile alternative to a seedbox. Using the virtual private network, users are able to maintain anonymity helping them keep protected while torrenting.

Users get configured locally on their computer and on any mobile devices as well. If your router enables it, then using a VPN can give you complete network security so that no configuration is required for varied devices.

Pros of using VPN

Using VPN allow the users with a rounded security and privacy solution that includes the following benefits –

·          Using VPN allows you to route traffic externally keeping your ISP network protected via an encrypted tunnel.

·          VPN comes along with significant security features such as DNS leak security, varied server locations, Kill Switch.

·          Configurable in varied devices that enables protection of incoming and outgoing traffic.

·          The installation process is comparatively less complex than seedbox.

Cons of using VPN

Most of the downsides of a VPN is provider related.

·          If the user forgets to turn it on or if the configuration is incorrect then there is a risk of exposure.

·          Poor quality software limits your download and upload speed.

·          Not all VPN services offer BitTorrent traffic.

·          You have to get subscribed to a VPN service provider to enjoy its perk. A free VPN won’t do you any good.

·          Unlimited bandwidth is not provided by all VPN service providers.

Bottom Line

Analysing the above pros and cons, we can say that both seedbox and VPN are having some perks that allow relentless torrenting experience since seedboxes are made for the sole purpose of torrenting, they are definitely a better choice to go with.

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