How To Make More Money By Spending More And Less and Save Money

I already have a fan club of people who think I’ve totally lost it. This topic will add fuel to their coffee table discussions. But what am I to do? I come across these people everyday… like I did last night… who look at a bottle of supplements and exclaim, “700 bucks! I can’t afford that.”

Now all of us living in the new paradigm know that this is a self-fulfilling prophecy. He can’t (and won’t) afford that. But over the next 3 months (that’s how long the supplements would last) he would get a wrong-parking ticket and wind up paying the same amount… heaven knows from where! Or he’d spend that on his cigarettes without batting an eyelid.

If you relate with such habitual or unforeseen expenses all the time, just know that the following 3 points are not my theory. They are researched facts that I have come across at many a seminar. And I have experienced them first-hand.

And the first of the facts is, “when you first consciously increase the pivot point (rough monthly average) of your expenses, the pivot point of your earnings also increases.” It just follows. Money comes in and keeps coming in as long as you stay consciously aware of the step-ups of your expenses.

How to make more money by spending more
How to make more money by spending more

This is a metaphysical reality and it always works. Wealth moves in its own ways. Don’t you remember the days you survived (quite well) on an income about one-fifth of today? If you are not faring hugely better in lifestyle terms now, it’s probably because your money consciousness has plummeted because you have ‘got sensible’ about life. Consequently, you have pulled yourself away from the universal source and depend more on the personal (ego’s) production capacity. Obviously the latter is less.

However there is a physical reality to this aspect of making more money as well. And that lies in understanding where you are spending your money. Are you spending it in a system where it will never return? Or are you spending it in a system where it could come back to you?

Expenses at a store are examples of non-returning outflows. Expenses in a network marketing environment, or financial instrument, are of the nature that returns to the spender manifold. As long as you respect the rules of the system you’re spending the money in, you shall have predictable results. Put your head into it for 6 to 12 months. You shall not end up a pauper… that is guaranteed… but you just might become a whole lot wiser… and that’s for life!

The third fact, insofar as organic supplements (or any other high-quality products) are concerned, is another physical reality. And this is about shifting fixed expenses by trusting the aforementioned metaphysical principle. What does this mean?

It means you buy organic supplements to consciously increase your expense pivot point. Next, you use them (this is important). Now you will benefit from 6 to 12 months of continued usage.

You will eliminate doctor, pharmacy, and hospital bills. You will reduce that component of expenses (which would otherwise have been made in a system that wouldn’t have paid you back anyway). And you will end the year richer.

Likewise, let’s say you buy high quality detergent (with softner) from your networking business. Now on the retail price you will see you’re paying three times for it (compared with other premium brands in the market).

How to make more money by spending more
How to make more money by spending more

But it is a concentrated formulation and thus will last thrice as much. Most direct-to-home products are concentrates as concentrates reduce transport & stocking cost.

Moreover, since it has added softner, your clothes will last twice as much. Obviously you spend more on clothes every year than you do on detergent. So if the clothes last longer, you’ll be saving ‘pounds’.

Are you being penny wise and pound foolish? Is prevention better than cure for your family? Is a penny saved a penny earned (in the system that pays you back)? Have you forgotten all the sayings you learned in junior school? Or have you only just discovered how sensible they were… and are you now ready to apply them in your life?

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