Here’s What No One Tells You About Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopy is a procedure used for diagnosis and surgery of problems with your abdominal organs. Laparoscopic surgery is preferred by doctors and patients as it is minimally invasive, requires small incisions and results in faster healing. A laparoscope is an instrument with a camera at one end. It is like a tube that can be inserted in your abdomen through these small incisions. It is very helpful in finding and treating problems in real-time. There are things that the doctors and the caregivers at the hospital will tell you, but there are also many things that no one will tell you unless you ask.

When Do You Really Need a Laparoscopy/Laparoscopic Surgery?

When you are suffering from a problem that cannot be diagnosed through non-invasive methods such as ultrasound, MRI or CT Scan, laparoscopy allows the doctors to get better access to the organs and study them for possible causes. If the cause is detected during diagnosis, a treatment procedure may also be performed at the same time. Laparoscopic surgery or procedure will require more incisions than just diagnostic laparoscopy. The surgeries that would traditionally require cutting up the abdomen can now be done with small incisions, minimum pain and quick recovery

What Should You Share About Your Medical History?

You should share absolutely everything -your sickness, your allergies, previous medical processes, medications that you are on. The doctor must know of every small thing to prepare the team for any possible emergencies and to ensure that they give you the right medication. The doctor may also need to change the dosage of your current medication.

When Should You Avoid Laparoscopic Surgery?

If you have had abdominal surgeries in the past, it increases the chances of the different structures in the abdomen getting stuck to each other. In such situations, it is avoidable. Your doctor must know of your medical history to be able to give you this piece of advice.

How Do You Prepare for Laparoscopic Surgery?

The doctors will advise you to limit or stop any medications before the surgery. When you go for the surgery, make sure you have company of someone you are comfortable with. Before going to the hospital, clean the house, prepare several meals in advance, and arrange for comfortable clothes. You will not be able to take care of any of this later. Pack a bag with all the essentials you could need at the hospital including items to help you relax.

What Happens After Laparoscopic Surgery?

The external aspects of a laparoscopic surgery are just a few incisions, but the internal organs that have been operated upon need time to heal as well. The external wounds will heal faster, but for the internal ones to heal, you need to give it time. You must not exert yourself or skip any medicines. Follow the directions of your doctors sincerely. You will not have the energy to do much work, so make sure you have someone to help you.

Even though laparoscopic, it is still a surgery. To recover, give yourself complete rest, but do walk around a bit to improve your fitness levels. Keep a pillow handy as a shock absorber to reduce the pain when travelling back home, sneezing or coughing. The pain will take some time to reduce, take the pain killers as prescribed by the doctor, and give it time to heal.

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