The Effects of Frequent masturbation

Are you afraid that your masturbation is too frequent? Or are you worried that you are even addicted to masturbation? To answer these questions, we must first define what is and what is not frequent masturbation is. However, it is with this definition that the problem of masturbation as such is natural for humans can be a problem.

Another question is whether too frequent masturbation can be harmful to a man or a woman. We must look for the answer to this question primarily in the quality of cohabitation within the framework of a relationship. If masturbation reduces its quality, then it is harmful.

It would be a mistake to think that frequent masturbation only applies to younger students. Surveys show that this is a common phenomenon in older men and women. Although it is a natural need to fulfill the love drive, it is necessary not to replace the partner’s love life to get more joyful love life use Fildena at himsedpills.

What is frequent masturbation, and how can it be harmful?

Masturbation aims to achieve physical satisfaction, either through the stimulation itself and the stimulation of erogenous zones, but mainly through reaching orgasm. Masturbation is therefore not harmful in itself; on the contrary, it is biologically very natural.

  • The goal of masturbation is to fulfill the love drive and the release of accumulated and unused energy.
  • The level of this energy depends on appetite, i.e., libido, so for each man and each woman, the optimal level is individual.
  • Too high a libido leads to a lot of love energy and, therefore, to frequent masturbation.

Masturbating once a day does not have to be a problem for someone who has a lot of energy and high libido, and it is not a question of exceeding the limits. However, suppose you have to masturbate several times a day, and you even have an insatiable urge to masturbate almost all the time. In that case, it is already too frequent masturbation, which can be harmful.

When we talk about the negatives of frequent masturbation, these are the three most important:

alienation from a partner, which means that masturbation becomes a more comfortable and advantageous alternative to satisfy physical instinct change of habits in love life, too frequent masturbation can even lead to selective anorgasmia, where orgasm can be achieved only by self-satisfaction in men leads to too frequent ejaculation due to masturbation I to increased demands on the production of ejaculate, prostatic secretion, and sperm.

Can Masturbation Be Negative At All?

I want to avoid being accused of inventing and attributing masturbation to some imaginary negative. Therefore, I repeat that masturbation is not harmful, and there is nothing unnatural about it. However, masturbating too often has disadvantages.

What are the symptoms of masturbation addiction?

From too frequent masturbation to addiction to self-satisfaction is a really thin line. Don’t you believe it? Without wanting to look for something imaginary forcibly, I recommend that you answer the question for yourself if you do not feel some symptoms of addiction.

These are the most common manifestations:

Partner Neglect

The first sign that you are masturbating excessively is neglecting your partner s**ually. If you no longer feel like making love with your partner, but prefer masturbation, it is a sign that something is happening.

Worse concentration

The second manifestation is a loss of concentration and ability to concentrate if you have not masturbated regularly as is healthy for you. If you can’t focus on anything and only think about masturbation, this is another negative sign.

Constant urge

The third sign is the constant urge to masturbate. It can happen again even after you reach the climax. Such a need is no longer physiologically natural. It is already a mental addiction.

The problem with climax

An unmistakable sign of too frequent masturbation and possible addiction is the problem of reaching climax during regular intercourse. The typical manifestation is that it takes you too long, or you cannot reach orgasm get some ED pills Like Vigora 100 or Fildena 120.

External symptoms on the genitals

Excessive masturbation also affects the external genitals in both men and women. It is often an irritation that manifests itself in redness. Later there is also pain and higher sensitivity to touch.

How to improve and promote a healthy love life

For masturbation not to grow over your head, it is essential to focus on supporting your natural love life and classic intercourse. The primary key to this goal is to change the routine and stereotype that kill love life and ultimately harm partner life.

Here are some advice that I suggest based on my own experience:

  • stress and overwork are the enemies of mutual moments with a partner, so I recommend to limit these two factors as much as possible
  • Agree with your partner on some new love games. You can also try various erotic fun board games that combine with love,
  • build on proven aphrodisiacs in the form of food, for example, seafood, wine, whipped cream or chocolate, which wakes you up for intercourse,
  • surprise your partner with an erotic toy, new love positions or experimenting with untested love practices
  • masturbation can be a good idea as part of foreplay and then continuing intercourse, it will be something new, unconventional and exciting

Frequently asked questions about frequent masturbation

We know what frequent masturbation is, how addiction to it manifests itself, and what negatives too frequent masturbation brings. Now let’s look at the practice, where we will look at what bothers men and women the most in this topic. To find the best possible information, I searched several forums and discussions on the Internet. These are the most frequently asked questions:

Is it possible to stop masturbation completely?

You will find several examples of men and women who, after excessive masturbation, were able to cut back on masturbation entirely on the Internet. In my opinion, however, it is an extreme how natural masturbation is, but it is essential to find the right measure.

Can masturbation cause impotence or endanger the prostate?

When it comes to masturbation in men, I have quite often come across various myths, such as that excessive masturbation causes impotence or worsens the prostate’s condition. Of course, nothing like this happens, although too frequent ejaculation forces the prostate to perform higher.

Is it healthy to masturbate at a young or old age?

Masturbation is natural at any age. Statistics even show that people over the age of 70 do not stop with it. Regarding the effect on health at a young age, it is primarily the individual physical development of each individual. In principle, however, masturbation is not unhealthy.

Can frequent masturbation cause mental addiction?

Yes, even this type of addiction is more common than any physiological addiction to love stimulation alone. Masturbation, especially s**ual stimulation and then climax, support the production of dopamine, which is called the hormone of happiness. This is what causes addiction.

Can masturbation be a full-fledged alternative to s*x?

He can’t, even when using the best techniques, or in the perfect symbiosis of all factors, and if you have a high libido. However, it is true that for many, masturbation has become more enjoyable than love, and that is a problem.

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