A career in cybersecurity is more rewarding than you think

Cybersecurity is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is a technical and strategic field which rewards leadership qualities and creative problem-solving aptitude. From bug bounties to full-time employment in companies, a career in cybersecurity takes a lot of skills and experience. Not to mention that the required skills can be learnt and the expected experience can be attained with hard work and time. But what is most desirable and attractive about this field is that it is one of the most highly rewarding careers of the 21st century. Here’s what aspiring candidates can expect to receive in return if they devote themselves to creating a successful career in the amazing field of cybersecurity.

Handsome pay

Who doesn’t love a handsome package? Money is one of the top reasons among others, of why youngsters choose a particular career. And cybersecurity ticks that box with a big bold green marker. The packages of cybersecurity professionals are far more lucrative than most of the other IT jobs. And maybe, it will continue to be so even after a few years. The technological climate keeps changing according to innovations and discoveries and the job market adapts to that. Currently, the payscale of cybersecurity experts is quite attractive because of their rising demand and abysmal supply. The average pay of someone holding a Certified Ethical Hacker certification is $71,331 per annum according to sources. And with enough experience in the field, one can earn a minimum of INR 15 lakhs per annum in the same job role.

Global work opportunities

A lot of youngsters today share the dream of moving abroad and settling in a country of their choice. They prefer jobs that don’t limit them to a certain geographical location. One of the best things about a career in cybersecurity is that your educational credentials are valid and respected globally which allows you to work literally, anywhere in the world. There are plenty of revered and fantastic institutes in India and abroad that are accredited with international councils and organisations that certify these institutes and create a common international standard for the courses. For example, if you choose to do CHFI online training from an accredited institute in India, you can apply for work anywhere in the world and kickstart your life abroad.

Future scope

Everyone likes the idea of keeping their jobs despite the condition of the market and economy. Cybersecurity is a hot choice among youngsters who prefer smart investment when it comes to securing their future. As long as the Internet is alive, cybersecurity experts will never run out of a job. Even in adverse times like these, when the economy is going through a recession and most markets are dipping leaving millions jobless, cybersecurity is a market that is going against the tide. With the heavy reliance on the internet, the advent of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of things, the demand for cybersecurity professionals and experts is growing faster every day. 

Scope of work

Last but not the least, who doesn’t like having options? Imagine investing time and energy into an education that leaves you with a limited number of options to work at. Thanks to digitalisation, that is not the case with cybersecurity. Every company needs a cybersecurity department today. Imagine having the option of working at a top-secret government agency or at a disruptive, innovative startup or at a Fortune 500 corporation. That is how exciting of a career you can have in cybersecurity.

So, to sum up, a career in cybersecurity is worth more than just the amazing payscale. The opportunities, the freedom of mobility, the potential growth, the flexible workplace, the job-satisfaction, everything about this field ticks the items of a good career checklist. 

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