6 Ways to Cook with Beer

Do you still believe that beer can only be enjoyed when sipped from a big, frosty mug? You would be delighted to know that beer has many other uses apart from washing down pretzels. Cooking with wine is already quite popular among food enthusiasts, but apart from wine, there are tons of recipes that can be cooked using beer to add a special touch to them. 

Why choose beer for cooking?

Cooking with beer offers you a plethora of choices to play around with. You can use beer for your stews to give them a rich, earthly flavor and texture. It can also be used to provide a caramelised and nutty touch to your baked dishes. Try to cook with beer to enhance the taste and add depth to desserts and sweet dishes.

Different beers have different flavors, and you should make sure that when you cook with beer, you already know your brew well. Although usually a bit bitter, the malt present in the beer balances the taste by giving an appropriate amount of natural sweetness. It is essential to choose the right beer for a specific recipe.

Let’s explore cooking with beer in some delightful ways:

Beer and Batter

Adding beer to the batter makes it crisp, airy and light. Full-bodied beers such as brown ale and stout work best for deep-fried fish recipes and can be used to replace the traditional fizzy seltzer water. Apart from using beer batter on fish, you may also try coating onion rings or tempura with it.

Marination with Beer

Although not as acidic as wine, beer would make your meat tender and soft, just like marination with wine. It can also be used to add a caramel touch to seared meat and stake. You may also consider adding a smoky, natural flavour to your barbecue sauce using beer.

Baking bread with beer

Beer bread is a delicious recipe to try if you haven’t started cooking with beer yet. Adding beer to the baking powder helps the loaf rise due to the natural yeast present in beer. Use the darker beers when you are baking with chocolate to bring out the chocolaty notes well. Apart from baking, you could also consider using beer for braising and let your lentils absorb the flavor of the brew to make them tastier.

Beer in Cake

One of the innovative ways to cook with beer is to use it in your cakes to savour your sweet tooth. Make a bar of delicious chocolate and Guinness cake using a strong brew to add a resonant, ferrous tang to your delicacy. Add a dash of champagne to the cream topping to add more magic to your recipe.

Beer and cheese

One of the best combos to try with beer, give a unique mix to your cheese on toast using light beer and you’d fall in love with the idea. To create this mouth-watering delicacy, you can mix beer, butter, spring onion, eggs and breadcrumbs in a heating pan and cook the delicious recipe until it settles down.

The alcoholic effect

Are you concerned that serving cupcakes made with beer might make your kids go light in the head? Don’t worry. Beer contains only three to five per cent of alcohol, to begin with, and all of it evaporates quickly as soon as you use it for cooking or baking.

Try these innovative ideas to make delicious recipes using beer and also learn saison beer recipe on our youtube channel!

Happy Cooking!

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