How to build the best live streaming app to be as successful as YouTube?

YouTube has become a part of most of our smartphones. We might all wonder how they are able to provide most of the services free to all. One of the major revenue streams for these apps is an advertisement. It is further classified into pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll. As the name suggests, pre-rolls are ads before video starting and mid-roll are ads in the middle and post-roll are ads after the video end. Depending on the viewership and popularity of the video, the number of ads is determined.

Entrepreneurs worldwide are aspiring to develop a video sharing platform to be as successful as YouTube. This blog showcases the features, technology stack, and a revenue stream to incorporate in the YouTube clone script. It would be an interesting and knowledgeable read for the business owners and developers. 

Interesting facts about YouTube

  • According to Google, 67% of the millennials say that they can find anything they want on YouTube. 
  • As per the YouTube press release, it has more than 2 billion users captivated by its platform, one-third of the world’s internet users.
  • More than 70% of YouTube watch time comes from mobile devices. 
  • When compared to 2019, the number of YouTube channels with 1 million subscribers grew by 65%.

Features to increase user engagement in a live streaming app 

Live streaming: Facebook blog revealed that people are three times more likely to watch live content than pre-recorded videos. Events that occur at the present intrigue user interest than the ones that have already happened. It is one of the most popular ways to get more viewership. 

Interactive Whiteboard: People create channels on YouTube to connect with wide audiences. Likewise, you can get a crazy fan following for YouTube like app with interactive whiteboard feature. During the live video, they would be able to connect with their favorite stars through the chat.

Revenue opportunity: During broadcasting, they can promote their sponsors by marketing their services directly or indirectly. YouTube app development has upgraded its live streaming videos with a new feature wherein users can pay a certain amount for their comments to be pinned in live chat. 

No buffering: There must be no buffering issues present in both live videos and pre-recorded videos, as users may miss the vital information. Have a YouTube clone built with the latest streaming technology to eliminate the relay issue.

Stories: It is the trending feature in social media apps. YouTube also has this feature; the only difference is the stories last for eight days. It is currently available for beta users that is a channel that has around 10,000 subscribers. These are simple yet effective ways to gain more viewers to your channel.

Emojis: Users can click on the emoji as per their opinion and it will appear on the side panel of the video. 

Technologies to use to offer an interruption free content to the users

Data channeling medium: The video is streamed in real-time on the app like YouTube. There shouldn’t be any latency while streaming data. Users will get frustrated if there are any glitches while watching videos. Processing frameworks such as Samza, Storm, Flink, or Spark can be integrated with a streaming platform to feed the data-processing pipeline and process batch data.

Content Delivery Network (CDN) and databases: The data needs to be transmitted across the world. So if the original is sent directly, it would not reach all users in the same streaming quality. CDN stores the data in several globally distributed data centers. These globally-distributed centers store cached data from the original server. As per the users’ location, the data is transmitted from the nearby server.

Cloud storage facilitates storage and information retrieval. AWS and Google cloud are some of the prominent cloud services used by streaming apps. 

Programming languages: The tech-stack used to build video streaming services are HTML, CSS, JavaScript for front end development. Python, C++, Go, Ruby on Rails  for backend development of building a YouTube clone script. The tech-stack used for your app should be scaled up to meet with the current market requirements.

Social media integration: In order to enable quick login facility and share content on social media handles, integration with prominently used platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is a must. It will also allow us to reach out to a wider audience.

Mobile Payment Gateways: Nowadays, most applications have mobile gateway integration to facilitate seamless payment modes. Users can conveniently pay for their services using PayPal or Paytm integration. 

How to make money with YouTube like app?

YouTube has an outstanding revenue model. Most of the revenue is procured through advertisements, and it contributes to 11% of Google Ad net revenues. 

Sponsored videos

When we search for videos on YouTube, we might see certain videos marked as sponsored videos that appear at the top. It is a way by which YouTube advertises sponsored videos. The advertiser pays YouTube based on the viewers’ count. It can also be adopted by YouTube clone to get revenue.

Embedded Advertisements 

These ads appear when people are playing the video. As mentioned before, they will either appear at the start, middle, or end of the videos. The app earns money based on the views, and a portion of it belongs to the video creator. 

Home Page Advertisement

These are also called as landing page advertisements. These advertisements are part of the app’s home page and will play along with the video or as per the discretion of the advertiser.

Affiliate Partnership

Products mentioned in the video appear in the description box. When clicking, users will be directed to the online shopping site or e-commerce website. YouTube clone app owners get paid through these partnerships. 

Premium subscription charges

We are all familiar with OTT platforms like Netflix, where we have to pay and watch our favorite content. Similar to that, you can have videos, movies, and shows that can be part of the subscription. Users have to pay for streaming these content. These subscription charges will add to the revenue of the app owners. 

Channel membership  

Certain channels offer membership wherein by joining it, and users can get to watch exclusive videos, goodies, and many other perks. According to YouTube terms, they get 30% of the subscription paid to the channel. You can also incorporate this as part of your revenue stream.

Summing Up

With a one-time investment spent on developing and deploying the app, there are no other major costs involved in launching the best live streaming app. Consider these aspects and develop a high-end YouTube clone app by partnering with reputed app development companies.

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