Why should you buy an OnePlus Mobile Insurance plan from Bajaj Finserv?

In 2019, India’s premium smartphone shipments clocked a YoY growth rate of 29% to record its highest ever in any year. OnePlus is a key contender in that segment along with industry behemoths Samsung and Apple.

  • Rs.30,000 or $420 – Starting price of the premium smartphone segment in India.
  • 28% – YoY growth rate in shipments by OnePlus.
  • OnePlus shipped over 2 million smartphones in 2019, becoming the first-ever brand in the premium segment to achieve that feat.

OnePlus has had a phenomenal success story over the past few years. In 2019, it was the top-selling premium brand beating the likes of Samsung and Apple marginally. In a recent survey, it was revealed that 18.3% of respondents leaned towards OnePlus as an upgrade from their current phone.

However, its premium status can also have some pros and cons. On the one hand, OnePlus smartphones offer state-of-the-art technology and stellar features that make it an ideal option for many buyers. On the other hand, damages to such devices can cause a significant financial setback to its user.

Thus, it is quintessential for users to avail an OnePlus insurance plan from Bajaj Finserv to secure a financial cushion in the event it sustains damage.

Reasons to purchase an OnePlus mobile insurance plan

Even though insurance is not mandatory for smartphone devices, it is nonetheless critical when considering expensive brands like OnePlus. The following reasons elucidate the reasons why you should purchase a mobile protection plan –

  1. Substantial sum insured

One of the primary benefits of purchasing an insurance policy for your OnePlus phone from Bajaj Finserv is the substantial coverage amount.

  • Ultra-premium segment of OnePlus (Rs.45,000+) contributed to 25% of its overall portfolio in 2019

The OnePlus insurance plan provides sum insured up to Rs.10,000 that can conveniently cover the costs associated with damages sustained on account of multiple perils.

  1. Affordable premium

You can avail an insurance plan for OnePlus at an affordable annual premium. You can pay the premium amount conveniently from your home by using several payment methods viz debit cards or credit cards, net banking, UPI, and mobile wallets.

  1. Coverage against a wide range of perils

Purchasing a OnePlus mobile insurance policy will allow you to claim financial coverage against an array of perils. The covered hazards include fire, lightning, explosion, riots, strikes, floods, earthquakes, etc.

  • OnePlus also played a critical role in improving the smartphone user base in India, the second-largest smartphone market globally by adding 41% to its customer.

Therefore, when you purchase Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions like a Mobile Screen Insurance policy for OnePlus, you can receive financial assistance to repair your phone if it sustains damage on account of those perils.

  1. Coverage against robbery, burglary, and accidental damages

A mobile insurance plan also provides financial coverage if your device suffers any damage at insured premises due to robbery or burglary. Furthermore, a OnePlus accidental damage protection plan also covers both repairing and replacement costs if the insured device sustains unintentional damage. You should simply ensure that your smartphone was under your custody when it was damaged accidentally.

  1. Financial assistance for breakdown

Breakdowns are a common phenomenon in smartphones, especially considering the heft of tasks they can run at any point in time. However, such electronic and mechanical failures can set you back financially if the mobile screen suffers the primary damage. A OnePlus protection plan provides coverage for the costs of replacing and repairing a mobile screen on account of mechanical and electronic breakdowns.

  1. Simple claim procedure

A crucial feature when purchasing any insurance policy is the claim procedure. With Bajaj Finserv Mobile Screen Insurance plan, you can register a claim within 24 hours of your phone suffering damage. You need to either call on the specific toll-free number or send a mail to the concerned email address to raise a claim.

These are a few reasons why you might consider purchasing an OnePlus insurance policy. Apart from that, you might also consider acquiring a mobile charger insurance plan to receive financial assistance if your phone’s charger should malfunction or sustain damage.

How to purchase a mobile screen plan for OnePlus?

You can avail the OnePlus insurance plan by adhering to the following steps:

  • Visit the official website of Bajaj Finserv and open Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions section.
  • Select the Mobile Screen Insurance from that section.
  • Click on “Apply now” and fill out the application form with relevant and accurate details.
  • Enter the OTP sent to your registered phone number for authentication.
  • Pay the annual premium via the featured online modes of payment.

In case you also possess a tablet, you might also consider purchasing a handheld tablet device insurance plan to secure financial coverage against probable loss or damage.

What are the documents required to file a claim?

When you file a claim against your mobile insurance policy for OnePlus, you need to submit the following documents –

  • Police report or FIR if the claim is made on account of burglary or theft
  • Bills, valuation reports, invoices pertinent to the replacement or repairing of a mobile screen
  • Detailed application form signed by the insurer consisting of details about the loss or damage along with an estimated claim amount

OnePlus smartphones and its accessories and equipment all belong to a premium price range. Hence, it is critical to keep in place a OnePlus insurance policy. That way, you can avoid shelling out a sizable amount on account of unprecedented damages to them.

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