Are Online Watch Stores Better Than Retailer Stores?

Are Online Watch
Are Online Watch

E-commerce has completely transformed the shopping experience, thanks to its easy and informal approach. Now you can buy any product across the globe without visiting a store physically. However, there is a constant debate on the merits and demerits of online shopping. The same applies to online watch shops and retail stores. Although online watch stores are more popular these days, first-time buyers still want to know why they must trust an online shop.

It is true that both retail and online watch stores have their own perks and privileges. But if you ask us, the chances of getting a better deal is higher when you visit the best online watch store. Not only you can equate products but can also compare the prices with the manufacturers.

Here we are going to share the merits and demerits of both online and physical watch stores. This information will help you make a better decision whether or not you should buy the best Seiko watches from an online shop.

  1. Buying watches from online stores

Online watch stores are more popular among the young generation as compared to watch collectors. There is no doubt that many people who own a watch bought their first timepiece online. Nevertheless, like retail stores, online shops also have their own pros and cons that you must know about.


• Extensive collection of watches

• International shopping

• Shopping from the comfort of home

• You can learn about the company

• Better overview of watches and prices

• No pushy salespeople

• Less expensive than physical watch stores

• Watch is delivered at your door

• Don’t have to travel to check the watches


• Inaccurate descriptions of the watch

• Online stores take time to answer the queries

• Popular brands and models are often sold out

• Customer care services are not up to the mark

• Return policies are often ambiguous

• Can’t try on watches physically

• Can’t buy vintage watch models

• Unprofessional sellers

• Can’t inspect the model

• Photo may not show the model properly

• Sellers may charge you extra

  1. Buying watches from physical stores

Retail stores are selling watches to customers since the very first day. They are fulfilling our timekeeping needs for centuries and are still satisfying our desires. Enthusiast collectors prefer buying watches from physical stores because they are part of a tradition and represent history.

Here are a few major points that elaborate on the merits and demerits of retail stores.


• Easier communication

• Fast after-sales help

• Get to try on the watches

• Compare and try on diverse watch models

• Competent staff which can help you

• Quick answers

• More personal experience


• Bored or unengaged salespersons

• Pushy sales staff

• Limited selection of watches

• Often more expensive than online

• Hidden price tags

• Have to visit physically to buy a watch

• Watches have often been worn by numerous people

• Staff without any prior watch knowledge 

Which one is better than the other?

After reading the advantages and disadvantages of both, online and physical watch stores, it is easy to make up your mind. However, there are a lot of factors that might affect your judgment and decision. For example, do you like the idea of trying on watches before buying, or do you prefer shopping from the comfort of your own house?

The short answer is that it depends on your buying preferences. If you are a person who likes the idea of being physically present to savor your shopping experience, you would like retail stores. On the other hand, a customer who likes to know comparative prices and want to view more option will definitely prefer online watch store.

Bottom line

In our opinion, the best way to buy a quality watch is to get benefit from both traditional and modern ways. You must educate yourself about watch types, movements, and brands and then visit a retail store to try on the desires models. Once you have picked the right model, get a quote and compare its prices with online watch shops. Thus, you can get the best price for a quality watch without losing extra money.


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