7 ways to backpack a Great budget on Spain, Salsa and Senorita

Spain is the land where revelation never ends! Charming, slightly cluttered, and utterly magical, Spain is ready to capture her imagination with her diverse colors and shades. There is so much in this breathtaking country that even a tight budget is not able to stop you from experiencing it to the fullest. With sloping mountain ranges that serve as a cure for sore eyes, to spectacular wild sandy beaches with life and vitality, Spain has everything for every kind of traveler. Quickly book your United Airlines Reservations flight tickets.

So, how do you make it in the land of Salsa and Senorita on a shoestring budget? Well, Spain’s own economic crisis has made it difficult for citizens to travel abroad, so a series of budget hotels have opened up in Spain for locals and foreigners to live and enjoy in Spain. Here are seven amazing ways to bag in Spain on a fabulous budget:

1) Walk around Spain through staying in budget hotel rooms and hostels!

If you are a smart traveler and do your research well, you will find that hotel rates in Spain drop dramatically when Spain’s high season (April – October) ends. A room rate in a four-star hotel will drop to 20–40% after October; Not all places are so kind though. For example in Seville where summer is scorching and temperatures can go up to 50 ° C, hotels reduce their rates by 40% in July and August.

The idea is to do your research well, and plan housing in advance to save money! Spain’s beaches are crowded between July and August. But if you go in September, the month when the weather is perfect and the sea is warm, you will find amazing deals in hotel rooms, because by then the crowd will have subsided. Also, if you choose shared accommodation- youth hostel, couch surfing, etc .; You are promising savings, money!

2) Train, ditch Senor!

Take the bus, not the train! A lot of people opt for the train thinking that it is a simpler and more convenient means of transport, and they are not wrong, but once you familiarize yourself with the Spanish bus system, you will find that taking the bus Going is not too difficult.

3) Spend the night in a mountain cabin, and make Spanish stars your best companion!

One of the best things about Spain is that it has a stack of rustic mountain cabins, known as Refugio de Montana that provide travelers with cheap and basic accommodation and home-cooked meals. It is better to book them during the high season, especially earlier, because even though they welcome everyone, latecomers may end up sleeping on the floor, which according to myself is a great experience! You can also try camping in Spain. While wild camping is banned around the country, you need to find a proper campsite to pitch your tent.

4) Spanish Salsa – Eat, Eat, Eat, and Repeat!

Spanish has the habit of having a small breakfast and a heavy meal for later lunch, as lunch is cheaper than lunch in Spain. If you have a hard time embracing all the food during lunch, you can opt for a really light breakfast so that you are too hungry for lunch and can enjoy a nice, hearty Spanish celebration! Burrup! Book your flight now with United Reservations.

If you buy a drink, there are many tapas bars that offer tapas for free. If you want to get them out, again you need to be quite thorough with your research. But there are many locals and some chain bars that offer good portions of tapas — some also offer burgers and fries for free. Eat, we say!

5) Try Tango with Agrotourism on Spanish ground!

This is a very big deal in Spain. For the non-irrigated, agriturismo or agricultural tourism is a practice where the owner of a farm will host you for free and at least in exchange for volunteering their time to cultivate the land. You can try woofing if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty in exchange for a decent dwelling. And yes, you will get to know some serious agricultural skills for boasting later. No regrets about that one!

6) Money in Spain does not buy everything!

Now, Spain has no shortage of independent activities. One can donate their running shoes, and walk away to engage in these free activities like a local would have done. Or, can take away their enjoyment! 

Some museums also have free hours (yes, really!). For example, in Madrid, the Museo del Prado is free from 6 am to 8 pm Monday to Saturday and 5 pm to 7 pm on Sunday. Many cities have free walking tours on offer, and all you need to do is tip the guide at the end. 

7) Go Underground!

n fact, in cities like Madrid and Barcelona where taxis are quite expensive, it makes all the more sense to go underground. The Spanish Metro’s pricing system is fairly simple and easy to understand, and once you familiarize yourself with the routes and the map, everything will be a cakewalk or Metro will run the metro; You know what we mean!

Spain is a gem of a city when it comes to cheap backpacking. With the right components of packing, planning, and booking; One can travel across Spain on a shoe-string budget, really! Start your Spanish Escapade from today; A country where the locals are young, and tourists feel like home!

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