How Team building principles Make a Business Better?

Creating a favorable psychological climate in the team is an everyday job that the leader should not let go of his field of vision. The role of the leader is multifaceted: it includes not only the organizational and administrative, but also the educational aspect. The indicators of the company’s financial success largely depend on the efforts to create an atmosphere in the team. Why is this relationship formed?

It’s no secret that most line workers are mostly motivated by money. As long as you pay them, they work for you, but they will leave if they offer more somewhere. That is, you cannot rely on such a worker. In simple terms, he does not have a heartache for your company. He complies with the rules imposed, as he feels, (dress code, standards of communication with clients, internal regulations), however, he will not seek to prevent violations of these rules by colleagues, even if he understands that these violations are harmful to the company. This is a disloyal employee who is useless to criticize, and there is nothing formally punished for.

However, there are other, non-material ways of motivation, and one of them is creating a team in which employees feel comfortable, protected, and have opportunities for self-realization. Practice shows that often for employees this is more valuable than even the higher salary that, for example, a company like an ecommerce marketing agency working on such team building would definitely bring about good profits for themselves if they do it the right way.

The psychological climate in the organization

What criteria can be used to determine whether a favorable climate is developing in your company?

Experts identify several factors that shape the socio-psychological climate:

  • Job satisfaction, which consists of the level of remuneration, work schedule, social support, possible prospects, the level of professionalism of colleagues, the nature of vertical and horizontal relations;
  • Vompatibility of group members: it is easier for similar people to interact, adjust to each other, coordinate their actions; people who are among “their own people” receive a sense of security, which is important for the formation of loyalty;
  • Team cohesion is a slightly different aspect than compatibility: the attitude towards the group leader, internal corporate culture, the degree of emotional closeness between group members, recognition of the merits of each participant, creation of conditions for the development of the team, the level of communication play a role;
  • Management style: democratic (most preferred), authoritarian, conniving; of course, each manager has his own character; for some, democratic communication can be an overwhelming task; however, even with authoritarian methods, one can remain a positive leader: not to criticize publicly, to reward more willingly for successes than to punish for mistakes, and to analyze mistakes, to teach the “fined” employee not to repeat mistakes.

Another important but hardly amenable factor in creating an atmosphere is the nature of the work performed. Monotonous or, on the contrary, strenuous activity negatively affects the psychological state of the employee. However, if the nature of the activity cannot be changed, then working conditions can be improved: revise the work schedule, create conditions for changing activities (at the same time increasing the interchangeability of employees), etc.

Signs of a healthy and depressing team environment

  1. A cheerful, optimistic, benevolent and sympathetic tone of the relationship. Employees build communication on the principles of mutual assistance, support, constructive criticism.
  2. In a group, qualities such as hard work, honesty, respect for deserved members of the group, and support of the “weakest” colleagues or newcomers are highly valued.
  3. The successes or failures of one employee cause the entire team to participate.
  4. High performance indicators as a result of energy, conscientiousness and initiative of employees.
  5. Pride in belonging to the company.

An unfavorable psychological environment gives rise to suspicion, lack of confidence in their qualities, fear of mistakes and punishment, which ultimately forms employees’ lack of initiative and a desire to spend as little time at the workplace as possible.

Final Words

Therefore, making sure everything is fine can be secured through the proper implementation of team building principles mentioned above.


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